Student Accommodations

Accommodation Overview 

Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life.  

SLDS Services include: 

  • Exam Accommodations 
  • Notetaking Support 
  • Attendance and Deadline Modifications 
  • Assistive Technology 
  • Accessible Media 
  • Sign Language Interpreting, Transcribing, and Braille 
  • Consultation and Advocacy 
  • Housing and Dining Accommodations 
  • Accessible Parking and Adaptive Transportation  
  • Accommodations for experiences including Labs, Practicals, Student Activities 
  • Others (e.g., priority scheduling, graduate/professional accommodations, lab assistants) 


To register, students will need to complete a New Student Application and upload disability documentation as part of the registration process. To review the registration process in more detail please visit SLDS’ registration process page.   

For SLDS-Registered Students Requesting Academic Accommodations 

  1. Review your syllabi at the beginning of the semester. Look at the requirements of each of your classes and consider your disability-related needs. Some accommodations may not be necessary for every class. 
  2. Login to the SLDS system, AIM, to generate your Course Accessibility Letters. You and your instructors will receive your letters via email once classes are in session. Remember, accommodations are not retroactive, so be sure to generate your letters as early in the semester as possible. 
  3. Contact your instructors (or the accommodations point-of-contact for a coordinated course). In this conversation, you do not need to disclose the specific nature of your disability.  
  4. Follow applicable procedures for your accommodations (see Requesting Accommodations page). 
  5. Keep in touch. Communicate with your instructors throughout the semester. If you have any questions or run into any issues in this process, contact your Access Specialist. 

Reasons for Denial of Eligibility or an Accommodation 

  1. The student is not an individual with a qualifying disability. 
  2. The student is unable to provide sufficient documentation from a medical professional that demonstrates that the student has a qualifying disability and/or confirms the need for services. 
  3. The accommodation would impose an excessive financial and/or administrative burden. 
  4. The accommodation would present a fundamental alteration to a course or program. A fundamental alteration is any change to a course curriculum or course of study that is so significant that it alters the required objectives or content of the curriculum in the approved outline of the course.  
  5. The accommodation is of a personal nature (e.g., individual tutoring, personal care attendant). 

For Instructors 

The AIM Instructor Portal allows you to view and manage all student accommodations in your courses. Click here to view the tutorial for the instructor portal. 

Encountered a Barrier? 

Any person who has encountered a barrier to access or believes they have been improperly denied the benefit of, or access to a program, service or activity may submit a grievance to the ADA Coordinator’s office at 614-292-6207 or