Call for Proposals

2021 - Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion & Disability: Disability as Context

April 19-20, 2021

"It is time to move beyond the letter of the law to the spirit of the law; to shift our focus from redressing human and environmental problems through remedial design to preventing problems through holistic design." -Leslie Kanes Weisman

The Multiple Perspectives conference is offered to encourage the kind of change suggested by Leslie Kanes Weisman; to expand knowledge, understanding and, community resources through the synergy of collaboration. This year we consider disability as context, even in its absence disability sets a stage for our experience. Join us in exploring:

  • How is disability experienced across race, religion, gender, age and geography?
  • How is disability reflected in work, education, commerce and leisure?
  • How can disability transform our environment, culture and politics?

Examine the foundations of access or design an inclusive future by submitting a proposal. Presentations that encourage discussion across the typical social and disciplinary boundaries; connect individuals to local, national or international communities; or consider parallels, distinctions and intersections with race, gender and ethnicity will be given a preference.

This Year’s conference will have a virtual component, In person participation will be determined based on safety consideration.

Submission Guidelines for Multiple Perspectives 2021

Submission Instructions

Submit proposals using the online form by the deadline: Ed Roberts’ Birthday (January 23rd  2021)

Proposals must include:

  1. Name of each presenter with titles, institutions, employers etc. as appropriate
  2. Contact information (phone, mailing address, and e-mail) if there is more than one presenter please indicate one individual as the contact and lead presenter.
  3. Title of Presentation (9 words or less)
  4. Short Description not more than 50 words.
  5. Full Description (700 words or less) describe the content, focus and desired outcomes for the presentation using these questions as a guide:
  • What is the format of the presentation (Lecture, Panel, Discussion, Performance, Other)?
  • Who is the intended audience (educators, employers, businesses, advocates, students, consumers, researchers, or other)?
  • How familiar should the audience be with the topic (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?
  • What are your three main goals for the presentation?

Please Note:  The full conference fees will be waived and lunch provided for presenters of accepted proposals. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Questions contact L. Scott Lissner at

Email with MP Mailing List in the subject to be put on the conference mailing list.