Multiple Perspectives 2024

The Journey from Statute to Seamless Access

The Twenty Fourth Annual Multiple Perspective On Access, Inclusion & Disability Conference APRIL 8TH & 9TH 2024 The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the of Section 504 or the Rehabilitation Act.  Signed by President Nixon on September 26, 1973, Section 504 launched the United States on a journey towards seamless access.  The first leg, moving from statute to regulation, took nearly 4 years, and included a lawsuits, protests, and the longest occupation of a federal building in US history. The regulations provided a foundation for the ADA and continue to propel us towards seamless access. As we celebrate fifty years, what are the lessons learned along the way?  What are the next steps in our ongoing journey? 

Multiple Perspective’s ongoing exploration of disability as seen in the human condition, societal evolution. Lived experience focused through multiple lenses and reflected in the structure of work, education, and leisure; law and medicine; government and family.

Preference will be given to proposals that encourage discussions across the typical social, political, and disciplinary boundaries; connect individuals to local, national or international communities; or consider parallels, distinctions and intersections with race, gender and ethnicity. 

Please Note:  The full conference fees will be waived and lunch provided for on site for presenters. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Hosted by the Office of Institutional Equity at the Ohio State University and supported by the generosity of Margaret Stanton and the Ethel Louise Armstrong Endowment Fund.  As a modern land grant university, an important part of Ohio State’s mission is serving the wider community as a catalyst for positive change and a springboard for collaborations with and among our partners in education, business, non-profits, and government.  Since 2000, each year the university’s ADA Coordinator has identified series of workshops and public events that provide a forum for expand our understanding of disability as integral to human experience and create opportunities to increase community resources through the synergy of collaboration.

Call for Proposals


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