Workplace Accommodations FAQ


Q: I am an OSU employee or faculty member in need of a disability-related accommodation. How do I request one?

A: This depends on your individual needs. If you need ASL interpreters or CART for an OSU-related activity, you can contact the ADA Coordinator’s Office directly. Some technology requests may also be directly processed through the ADA Coordinator’s Office.

Modifications to your work environment, such as requesting an adjustable desk or ergonomic chair, or disability leave, should be requested through Human Resources’ Integrated Absence Management and Vocational Services team. Visit their Workplace Accommodations page to request a workplace modification. You will need documentation of your disability from a medical professional or an evaluation with an HR physical therapist who can determine the equipment that best suits your needs.

Once processed through HR, the ADA Coordinator’s Office will assist in ordering and setting up delivery and installation of any physical equipment.

Q: Where can I find information about accessible parking spaces?

A: Visit the CampusParc website for information on disability parking spaces, obtaining permits, and temporary and visitor parking.

Q: I have difficulty getting around campus because of a disability or injury. What should I do?

A: Any student, employee, or faculty member with a disability or temporary injury is eligible to ride OSU’s Paratransit Service, which will take you directly from location to location on campus (and within two miles of the Columbus campus). To find more information, including how to register with them and hours of operation, visit Transportation and Traffic Management’s Paratransit page.

Q: I am a student employee in need of disability-related accommodations. Does the ADA still apply to me?

A: Yes. If you need accommodations for student employment because of a disability, please contact Human Resources’ Integrated Absence Management and Vocational Services team. 

Q: What sorts of accommodations does the ADA Coordinator’s Office commonly provide?

A: Common accommodations include WorkFit stations (adjustable desks), ergonomic chairs, ergonomic keyboards, floor mats, ASL interpretation, and CART.

Q: I am an OSU student in need of disability-related accommodations. How do I request them?

A: Contact the Office of Student Life Disability Services at 614-292-3307 or <>. You will need to provide documentation of your disability and consult with an access specialist to determine the accommodations that will best meet your needs.

Q: I am a visitor or guest at an OSU-related activity (football game, public lecture, etc.). Am I still eligible for accommodations at the event?

A: Yes. For information about attending games at Ohio Stadium, including questions about accessible parking and seating, please call the Athletics Accessibility Office at 614-292-8756 or visit OSU Stadium Accessible Parking and Seating. Accessible seating is available on each level of the stadium, and elevators are available as well. Additional accommodations can be requested by calling the ADA Coordinator’s Office at 614-292-6207 or emailing <>.

Q: I noticed an accessibility issue on campus (automatic doors not working, inaccessible space, etc.), or I feel that I am a victim of disability-based discrimination. What should I do?

A: Submit the Give Access Feedback & Report Concerns form or contact the ADA Coordinator’s Office at <> or 614-292-6207.