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ADA Coordinator's Office

Invite Participation

As one of the University’s many diversity efforts, colleges, departments, programs, and student organizations are being encouraged to include statements about the availability of accommodations on their materials.

Statements about the availability of accommodations are a way of inviting individuals with disabilities to participate in creating a more accessible campus. By encouraging advance inquires, you can identify any needed accommodations early so that they can be implemented in a seamless fashion that normalizes rather than draws attention to access.

When you receive questions about accessibility or an accommodation request you may not always be sure how to respond. When that happens get the individual's contact information, make sure you understand their question or request, and let them know you will get back to them shortly. If you need assistance in responding you can contact the ADA Coordinator, L. Scott Lissner at ADA-OSU@osu.edu , (614) 292-6207 (v) or (614) 688-8605 (tty).

Below, there are four model statements. You should be able to adapt one of the them for almost any situation. However if you have any questions feel free to consult with Scott Lissner. If you wish to include one of the symbols for accessibility with your statement they can be downloaded from the Resources page: Graphic Symbols For Accessibility.

Resources at OSU

ADA Coordinator’s Office: http://ada.osu.edu
Office for Disability Services: http://www.ods.ohio-state.edu/
Faculty Partnership Grant: http://www.osu.edu/grants/dpg/
Web Accessibility Center: www.wac.ohio-state.edu

Model Statements

For Events

(To appear on calendars, posters, flyers and other announcements or advertising for the event.)

If you have questions concerning access, wish to request a sign language interpreter or accommodations for a disability please contact {insert name and contact information including an e-mail or TTY number}. Early requests are encouraged, a week will generally allow us to provide seamless access.

On Web Pages

(To appear as text on pages if you are not sure of usability)

If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this page with adaptive technology, please contact {insert page owner/web master name, e-mail, phone, and TTY if available}.

On Publications

(To appear on catalogs, brochures, and other University publications)

If you need to request this information in an accessible format (Braille, digital, tape or large print) please contact {insert name and contact information including an e-mail or TTY number}.

On Syllabi

(To appear on all syllabi)

If you need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, you should contact me to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. At the appointment we can discuss the course format, anticipate your needs and explore potential accommodations. I rely on the Office For Disability Services for assistance in verifying the need for accommodations and developing accommodation strategies. If you have not previously contacted the Office for Disability Services, I encourage you to do so.



If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this website due to incompatibility with adaptive technology, or you have suggestions on how we can make this site more accessible, or you need the information in an alternative format, please contact us at:

Contact Information:
L. Scott Lissner, ADA Coordinator

Address: ADA Coordinator's Office, The Ohio State University,
Ground Level; Hale Hall (formerly Enarson Hall)
154 W. 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(Voice) Phone: 614-292-6207
(TTY) 614-688-8605
(Fax) 614-688-3665
E-mail: ada-osu@osu.edu

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