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Fast Facts for Faculty

The Fast Facts for Faculty publications (listed below) are information briefs designed to help college and university instructors improve the climate and quality of education for students with disabilities. Through focus group discussions, both faculty and students provided a number of recommendations to enhance the teaching-learning process within the classroom. The Fast Facts were developed in response to these recommendations and suggestions. It is important to remember that the pedagogical recommendations included in the Fast Facts are not only helpful for students with disabilities, but are also good teaching practices that are useful for most of your students.

Coordinating Internships for Students with Disabilities

Guided Notes

Guidelines for Creating Web Content Accessible to All

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Rights and Responsibilities

Sign Language Interpreting in the Classroom

Syllabus Disability Statement

Teaching Students with Invisible Disabilities

Teaching Students with Medical/Mobility Impairments

Teaching Students with Sensory Impairments

Universal Design for Learning

Writing in the University

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We encourage other institutions to distribute, adapt, or customize these Fast Facts for Faculty publications for your own use. If you publish and distribute all or part of these publications, please give credit to The Ohio State University Partnership Grant for compiling the content, and please indicate that the original source is funded by the US Department of Education under grant #P333A990046. We request that you report to us, the number of publications distributed to your faculty, and we request that a copy of your adapted publication be sent to us for our review. Please mail this information to Margo Izzo at The Nisonger Center, 257 McCampbell Hall, 1581 Dodd Drive, Columbus, OH 43210. For any other questions or comments please send email to izzo.1@osu.edu.





If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this website due to incompatibility with adaptive technology, or you have suggestions on how we can make this site more accessible, or you need the information in an alternative format, please contact us at:

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L. Scott Lissner, ADA Coordinator

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