20th Annual Conference

20th Annual Multiple Perspectives Conference: Building Blocks for the Future

April 6-7, 2020

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act the Ohio State University’s new ADA Coordinator held the first Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion & Disability conference. Conceived as a place for our community to gather and explore and learn about disability as a construct, an identity, and as a shared experience Multiple Perspectives became an ongoing conversation between lived experience and research; theory and practice; pragmatics and aspiration.  The theme of the first Multiple Perspectives conference, The Next 10 years, invited a look ahead from the first decade of the ADA.  As we look forward to the thirtieth anniversary of the ADA, I invite you to reflect on the themes from past Multiple Perspectives conferences as Building Blocks for the Future of Access, Inclusion & Disability.

Past Conferences

  1. The Next 10 Years
  2. Disability in Context
  3. Access by Design
  4. Education, Citizenship, and Disability
  5. Reflecting on Sameness and Difference
  6. Personal Perspectives & Social Impact: The Stories We Tell
  7. Rights, Responsibilities & Social Change
  8. Looking Back & Thinking Ahead
  9. Change, Challenge & Collaboration
  10. Future History
  11. From Policy to Practice
  12. Experience Understood in Image, Poetry, Narrative & Research
  13. Intersections and Independence
  14. More Important Things
  15. Celebrate Our Progress and Write Our Future
  16. Who We Are
  17. Seeing Disability at School, Work, & Beyond
  18. What I Know
  19. Looking Back to Think Ahead

2020 Conference

Monday, April 6th


Ethel Louise Armstrong Lecture: Everyday Ableism – Challenging What We Think We Know About Disability 

Amanda Kraus

By analyzing examples of language, media and design, we will problematize the dominant narrative on disability and identify prevalent stereotypes that contribute to ableist policy, practice and attitudes. Borrowing from disability studies, we will explore the models used to frame disability as well as emerging thinking that challenges the idea that disability is a personal tragedy or problem, but rather a phenomenon created by the design of our environments with far-reaching political, social and economic implications. We will end with a discussion of practical strategies to create more inclusive and welcoming spaces, processes and experiences for all.

Dr. Amanda Kraus is President Elect of AHEAD; Assistant Vice President for Campus Life, Executive Director for Disability Resources and Housing & Residential Life, and Assistant Professor of Practice, The University of Arizona. Dr. Kraus serves on the board of directors for the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) and has chaired its standing committee for diversity. She has had the privilege of delivering keynote addresses and facilitating workshops at campuses such as Singapore Management University, Duke University, Wake Forest University, University of Vermont and Western Illinois University, and was recently invited to join a delegation convened by the US Department of State to engage in dialogue on disability access in education and employment in Beijing, China. Dr. Kraus is an avid wheelchair tennis player and President of the United States Tennis Association Southern Arizona District board.


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