20th Annual Conference

20th Annual Multiple Perspectives Conference: Building Blocks for the Future

April 6-7, 2020

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act the Ohio State University’s new ADA Coordinator held the first Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion & Disability conference. Conceived as a place for our community to gather and explore and learn about disability as a construct, an identity, and as a shared experience Multiple Perspectives became an ongoing conversation between lived experience and research; theory and practice; pragmatics and aspiration.  The theme of the first Multiple Perspectives conference, The Next 10 years, invited a look ahead from the first decade of the ADA.  As we look forward to the thirtieth anniversary of the ADA, I invite you to reflect on the themes from past Multiple Perspectives conferences as Building Blocks for the Future of Access, Inclusion & Disability.

Past Conferences

  1. The Next 10 Years
  2. Disability in Context
  3. Access by Design
  4. Education, Citizenship, and Disability
  5. Reflecting on Sameness and Difference
  6. Personal Perspectives & Social Impact: The Stories We Tell
  7. Rights, Responsibilities & Social Change
  8. Looking Back & Thinking Ahead
  9. Change, Challenge & Collaboration
  10. Future History
  11. From Policy to Practice
  12. Experience Understood in Image, Poetry, Narrative & Research
  13. Intersections and Independence
  14. More Important Things
  15. Celebrate Our Progress and Write Our Future
  16. Who We Are
  17. Seeing Disability at School, Work, & Beyond
  18. What I Know
  19. Looking Back to Think Ahead

Additional Information

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