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Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion, and Disability
17th Annual Conference
April 12 - 13, 2017
The Ohio State University's Columbus Campus


The Twelfth Annual
Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion & Disability:
Celebrate Our Progress and Write Our Future History
April 13 - 14, 2015

Hosted by:
The Ohio State University and located at the Blackwell Hotel and Conference Center on the Columbus Campus

For sponsorship brochure in Word format, click on: http://ada.osu.edu/conferences/2015Conf/sponsorship15.doc

What is “Multiple Perspectives”?

As a modern land grant university Ohio State University's mission includes serving the community.  Since 2001 The Ohio State University's ADA Coordinator's Office has hosted Multiple Perspectives On Access Inclusion & Disability.  The conference offers a unique opportunity for professionals, scholars and advocates to discuss the full spectrum of disability issues and experiences.  The annual gathering provides a forum for individuals and organizations to share their knowledge; broaden their perspectives; and increase community resources through the synergy of collaboration

"I was able to attend last year's Multiple Perspectives Conference and thought that the content and quality was absolutely excellent."

Each year Multiple Perspectives strives to present a program that can serve as a catalyst for change; providing a springboard for collaborations among individuals with and with out disabilities working in education, business, government and non-profits.  The Conference’s presenters have included faculty, entrepreneurs, authors, artists and advocates as well as representatives from The U.S. Access Board, The EEOC, The Ohio Civil Rights Commission, The American Institute of Architects, The U.S. Department of Education, and The Department of Justice.
"I walked away from each session knowing far more than when I entered; I left each session invigorated; and, I left each session tingling with the excitement of being in an environment where I can relate intellectually and experientially with others."  Jerome F. Shapiro, Ph.D. The Disabilities Studies Quarterly; Volume 26; Number 4.


Past Partners

Hosted by The Ohio State University's ADA Coordinator's Office, the conference is made possible with collaboration and support from organizations as diverse as the participants. Funding for the Ethel Louise Armstrong Student Poster Competition, Ethel Louise Armstrong Memorial Lecture, and various other portions of the conference is generously provided by the Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation Endowment Fund. Past supporters of the conference include:

Ability Magazine


American Bar Association,

American Institute of Architects

Association on Higher Education And Disability

City Of Columbus

Columbus Advisory Committee On Disability Issues

Disability Studies Quarterly

Great Lakes Disability Business Technical Assistance Center

Ohio ADA Coordinator's Network

Ohio Governor’s Council On People With Disabilities

Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission

Ohio State University Medical Center

The Ohio State University

  • Wexner Center for the Arts
  • John Glenn School for Public Affairs
  • Knowlton School of Architecture
  • Moritz College of Law
  • College of Humanities
  • ADA Coordinator’s Office
  • Minority Affairs
  • ASL Program
  • Disability Studies Program
  • Digital Union
  • Multicultural Center
  • Office For Disability Services
  • Web Accessibility Center

The Audience At-A-Glance

250 to 300 participants
83% are Ohio residents
71% of the participants influence or make purchasing decisions about accessible products & services
69% of the participants have a disability
20% are officials from Federal, State, County or City government
18% are college and public school faculty
15% represent private business
13% represent disability rights advocacy groups
13% are college service providers
11% are students
08% are architects
06% sit on State, County or Municipal boards representing people with disabilities.

Past Presenters Include

U. S. Dept. of Justice
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
U.S. Dept. of Education
Equal Opportunity Employment Commission
U.S. Access Board
Ohio Legal Rights Services
Ohio Civil Rights Commission
Jaina Blakford, Lerner School For Autism
Brenda Bruggemann, Ohio State University
Susan Burch, Visiting Prof., Ohio State University
Ken Campbell, Nisonger Center
Ruth Colker, Ohio State University
Jane Jarrow, DAIS
Robin Jones, Great Lakes DBTAC
L. Scott Lissner, Ohio State University
David Mitchell, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago
Steve Noble, Design Science
Mark Willis, Wright  State

Sponsorship Opportunities

We depend on our partners to maintain a quality program in a state of the art facility. Partner sponsorships of $3,000 or more are recognized at the luncheon, on the conference web site, in the program, and may include an informational item in the conference packet.

Our supporters keep the conference affordable with sponsorships between $2,000 and $3,000. Your support will be recognized on the web site and in the program.

Break & Reception Sponsors
There are several opportunities to sponsor food and beverages during the student poster reception and various daily breaks. Sponsorships are $1,500. Break sponsors will be recognized in the program and at the break stations. 

Conference Bag Sponsors
Increase awareness of your company or organization by having your logo imprinted on all the conference bags for $1,000.

Contact us about other opportunities for sponsorship:

The Ken Campbell Memorial Lecture on Disability Policy
A highlight of the conference is a free public lecture hosted by the Columbus Advisory Committee on Disability Issues to honor Campbell’s life’s work as an advocate including over twenty years guiding the City of Columbus’ disability policies. Sponsorships can be earmarked to support this lecture.

Friends are recognized for their contributions and in-kind support.

Select Exhibit Space
Space in the registration and break area is available for a limited number of exhibitors.  Spaces include one 6' x 30" table, chairs, a listing in the conference program, and a conference registration (including lunch).

Put Your Literature in their Hands 
You can have your organization's literature pre-packaged in every participant’s packet. This is a great way to draw people to your organization or product.

Contact L. Scott Lissner
Phone: 614-292-6207
TTY: 614-688-8605
FAX: 614-688-3665
MAIL:  ADA Coordinator’s Office
Basement, Hale Hall
154 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210




In part, the Multiple Perspectives Conference is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation Endowment Fund.

If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this website due to incompatibility with adaptive technology, or you have suggestions on how we can make this site more accessible, or you need the information in an alternative format, please contact us at:

L. Scott Lissner, ADA Coordinator
Address: ADA Coordinator's Office, The Ohio State University,
Ground Level; Hale Hall
154 W. 12th Ave.

Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-292-6207 (Voice)
614-688-8605 (TTY)
614-688-3665 (Fax)
E-mail: ada-osu@osu.edu

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