Americans With Disabilities Act Multiple Perspectives On Access, Inclusion, & Disability 2019 Conference

Americans With Disabilities Act Multiple Perspectives On Access, Inclusion, & Disability 2019 Conference 

April 8th & 9th, 2019
The Blackwell Inn & PFAHL Conference Center
2110 Tuttle Park Place
Columbus, Ohio 43210

"It is time to move beyond the letter of the law to the spirit of the law; to shift our focus from redressing human and environmental problems through remedial design to preventing problems through holistic design." -Leslie Kanes Weisman

Multiple Perspectives is an ongoing exploration of disability in context.  A conversation including many voices reflecting perspectives gained through lived experience and research; theory and practice, art and science.  This year’s theme, Continuing the Journey from Noblesse Oblige to Social Justice, marks the 40th anniversary of Southeastern Community College v. DavisArgued on April 23, 1979 before the U.S. Supreme Court, this was a case of first impression that set the pattern for understanding disability rights under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and helped shape the American’s With Disabilities Act. In Davis, the Supreme Court recognized that the future would chart that journey in unpredictable ways:

“We do not suggest that the line between a lawful refusal to extend affirmative action and illegal discrimination against handicapped persons always will be clear. It is possible to envision situations where an insistence on continuing past requirements and practices might arbitrarily deprive genuinely qualified handicapped persons of the opportunity to participate in a covered program. … Thus, situations may arise where a refusal to modify an existing program might become unreasonable and discriminatory.”
- Southeastern Community College v. DavisOyez, 442 U.S. p. 412, 28 Oct. 2018.

Contribute to our wide-ranging discussion of where that journey has and will take us as we map out the intersections of disability with employment, technology, education, recreation, social and political life.  

Preference will be given to proposals that encourage discussions across the typical social, political, and disciplinary boundaries; connect individuals to local, national or international communities; or consider parallels, distinctions and intersections with race, gender and ethnicity. 

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Current partners include:

The Multiple Perspectives Conference is hosted by Ohio State University’s ADA Coordinator’s Office is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Ethel Louise Armstrong Endowment Fund and ongoing support from The Ohio State University.

Ken Campbell Lecture on Disability Advocacy, Policy, and Law - April 8 - free and open to the public

I am pleased to announce that  Judith E. Heumann (Judy) will deliver the 2019 Ken Campbell Lecture on Disability Advocacy, Policy and Law at the 2019 Multiple Perspectives Conference April 8th on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University.

A lifelong advocate who has served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, Judy is currently a Senior Fellow and International Disability Rights Advocate Advisor at the Ford Foundation.  Her work to broaden discussions about intersectionality and disability has a new outlet on social media through The Heumann Perspective.  Judy is also the recipient of the 2018 President's Award from the Society for Disability Studies. 

A highlight of The Ohio State University’s annual Multiple Perspectives conference, the Ken Campbell Lecture is free and open to the public. Initiated by the Columbus Advisory Committee on Disability Issues in memory of Ken’s life time of service and advocacy the event focuses on the impact of disability advocacy, law, and policy; honoring Ken Campbell’s life work including serving as  Executive Director of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council,  Director of Disability Policy Studies for The Ohio State University Nissonger Center (UCEDD) and over twenty years as Columbus’ ADA Coordinator.   Past speakers include John Wodatch, Victor Pineda, Lennard Davis, Paul Grossman. Marilyn Bartlett, Sam Bagenstos, and Chai Feldblum.