1st Annual Conference

Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion, and Disability
"The Next 10 Years"
February 27 & 28, 2001
A Two-Day Conference oraganized by the ADA Coordinator's office, OSU

272 individuals from across the state participated in Multiple Perspective On Access, Inclusion & Disability; two days of workshops on Ohio State University's campus.

L. Scott Lissner, the ADA Coordinator for Ohio State University, who hosted the event, said that what made this event different was that it crossed so many lines. By bringing together individuals with a wide range of disabilities, with service providers and enforcement agencies to discuss a broad range of topics the two days encouraged people to think differently about disability.

For example, one participant said "Hearing the discussions between architects and people with disabilities about access guidelines shed a new light on the issues for me." The mix of participants included:

  • 165 officials from Federal, State, County or City government;
  • 41 individuals representing private business;
  • 35 individuals from various disability rights advocacy groups; and
  • 31 individuals.

The conference was designed to provide a forum for individuals and organizations to share their experience; expand their knowledge; and to increase community resources through the synergy of collaboration. That theme can be seen in the conference's sponsors (ADA-OHIO, The City Of Columbus, The Great Lakes ADA Business & Technical Assistance Center and The Ohio State University) and supporting organizations (The Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, The Columbus Advisory Committee On Disability Issues, The Governor's Counsel On People With Disabilities, The John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy, and The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission.)

"Ohio State University is to be applauded for taking the lead in bringing together key leadership among educators and service providers in the community to consider proactive long-term strategies that address disability concerns." Staff member from the Office For Civil Rights.